RRTC of Colorado, Inc.


Servicing Our Customers Since 2009

Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois


Construction- Track, Turnouts, Crossings, Scales, Pits, Docks, etc…


Demolition- Removal and Proper Disposal or Recycling of all Materials


Derailment Re-Railing- Get YOU Back On-Track Fast!!


Design- Track and Related Structures


Emergency Repairs- Get it Fixed Quickly and Effectively


Inspections- FRA Trained to provide thorough, documented inspections


Railroad Crossings-  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rxN9kbhZPlZ7GaCzv1E6FhZf2c5hZi87MVxLhn7ZGZY/edit?usp=sharing


Snow Removal- Rail Mounted Snow Plowing and Snow Removal


Storm Event Cleanup- Put Your Track and Rail Yard back In-Service Right Away!


Tamping- Correct Track Surface and Alignment, Improve Running Surface


Track Drainage Systems- Water Removal for Track Longevity


Track Maintenance- Routine or Comprehensive, Cost-Effective


Vacuum Truck Services- Yard & Track Cleanup, Spills, Derailments: Removal of Materials with Proper Disposal Options


Welding/ Grinding- Frogs & Switch Points, Rail, CWR – Thermite, CADWELDS


Railroad Bridge Inspections- Periodic, Special and Emergency Inspections, BMP's


Railroad Bridge Repairs- Superstructure and Piers; Girder, Timer & Truss



Solutions for Our Customers’ Track Related Problems


RRTC provides a full listing of services for all your railroad track needs, including: